Putting Disabled Children In The Picture
in the picture: "a state of being fully informed or noticed." The Concise Oxford Dictionary scope - Time to get equal

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Beth Cox of Child?s Play (International) Ltd publishers writes:

"Including images of disabled children in our books has always been a problem due our lack of knowledge and understanding of their abilities and needs."

"With support from In The Picture we have been able to develop our understanding enough to begin briefing illustrators to include disabled children in their pictures."

"Feedback on illustrations, from In the Picture and linked organisations, has had us doing all sorts of things, such as throwing rolls of sellotape across the art room to test our natural movements and instinctual reactions, to ensure that the children are portrayed accurately."

"The support from In The Picture has given us the confidence to include disabled children in order to represent our society as it is, in the same way that we include people from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds to represent our multi-cultural society."


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Beth Cox

Beth Cox, Child?s Play (International) Ltd

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