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in the picture: "a state of being fully informed or noticed." The Concise Oxford Dictionary scope - Time to get equal

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How In The Picture will work

In The Picture will work closely with illustrators and publishers to raise awareness of the need for more images of young disabled children in illustrated books.

Image bank

An image bank, containing illustrations of disabled children to download from the In The Picture website is available. Designed to inspire illustrators and publishers alike, we shall continue to commission illustrators and photographers to develop the image bank on an ongoing basis.

Illustrated stories

Stories featuring disabled children are available on the website to inspire other writers and illustrators. The stories have been written by disabled writers and families of disabled children and illustrated by young up-and-coming professional illustrators, illustration, art and design and multimedia students.

We plan to extend the formats the stories will be available in and, depending on the story, this might include audio tape, Braille, signing and other languages.


A range of helpful factsheets will give illustrators helpful tips and guidance. In the meantime you can read our frequently asked questions.


A series of In The Picture events and conferences will raise awareness of this issue in the publishing world.

The first conference - "In The Picture: The story so far" took place in London on 11 October 2006. For more information click here.


Based on our research report, "Sharing information with disabled children in the early years" which was published in November 2006, we plan to hold a number of workshop based training sessions around the country. The sessions will aim to help support organisations in the development of methods and practices to include all children. Contact us to find out more.

Contact us if you would like In The Picture information to display at your events.

Virtual consultation panel

We continue to develop links with people, organisations and groups who can form a virtual consultation panel ? offering specialist advice about putting disabled children in the picture to people with technical or detailed queries. This way we are able to provide more comprehensive advice about developing an image or story line.


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