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This section aims to capture the many comments, ideas and general remarks sent to In The Picture by email or on one of our postcards in addition to the guest book.

If you would like to add your voice to this section please contact us.

"Working with young disabled people myself who have complex needs, I know how important it is for them and those around them to have positive role models and things they can relate to so they don?t feel so isolated and alone. I found the site really interesting and really it is amazing how far the project has come in a relatively short period of time. You must be really proud." [Family Advisor]

"I think its a marvellous idea and long overdue. There are so few books of this kind at my local children's library that I had to source them myself and ask the librarians to order them to stock [I have a six year old with cerebral palsy]."

"As the manager of a children's nursery I find it difficult to find any books that we are able to read to our 3 - 4 year old children who are working within the Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum, but find it even more difficult, if not impossible, to find any type of board book for our toddler room that contains any reference at all of any child with SEN."

"I am a registered childminder and realise the importance of inclusion for all children."

"Excellent project!"

"I would like to see some books that include signs for children that use Makaton or BSL instead of speech."

"I would like to see children with special needs and disabilities portrayed in a positive manner and to see books with disabled children in them." [Day Nursery]

"This website is great and the pictures are wonderful!" [SEN Assistant]

"We need stories for the under 5's - adults who read them to young children are made to think too." [Pre-school worker]

"I work in a women's refuge and find it extremely difficult to find positive images of children and young people in books or to display [photographs]."

"The In The Picture project looks to be very promising and exciting and its nice to see so many well known people on board. Keep up the good work."

"This is a great project as I am currently studying childcare and preparing myself for an assignment on disabled children. I have found this website encouraging and interesting and will be visiting this site more frequently."

"As an advisory teacher I need to encourage staff working with 3 - 5 year olds to buy resources with positive images of disability".

"We find it quite hard to find posters, books and resources that promote disabled children - any information you can help us with the better!" [Primary School]

"I have Down's Syndrome [DS] and I am 24. There are not many books with children with DS. I work in local nurseries."

"As a registered childminder for 18 years this is an important issue for me."

"There are so few pictures around - looking forward to seeing this project evolve." [Early Years Teacher]

"A very positive move!"

"I am a tutor for the Pre-School Learning Alliance - I am always looking for good quality inclusion resources to show students."

"It would be good to have access to picture books with images of disabled children and adults for 1 - 6 year olds." [Day Nursery]

"My baby has Down's Syndrome and I want her, her sister and peers to see positive images all around them. Thanks!"

"We are a disability project offering a short breaks service to disabled young people. Keen to promote an inclusion and normalisation culture - good luck with the campaign!"

"Of course disabled children should feature in children's books - I'm hoping that "In a Minute" - a picture book with a blind woman and a wheelchair user in crowd scenes - will be re-issued next year."

"As a published children's author and formerly a primary teacher where disabled children were integrated into a mainstream school I have long wanted to see disabled children given their rightful place in fiction ..."

"I would like pictures and stories to share with the children and parents/carers of our club."

"I work in a pre-school as a SENCO and care for a child with Down's Syndrome and another with digital hearing aids - I have only found one book each in the library for factual use for other children to look at - what an excellent idea!"

"The only bookseller I have found who regularly promotes children with disabilities is Letterbox Library - it should be much more widespread."

"We need to be all equal!"

"I have several books but all American bias. As a registered childminder I am interested in all aspects of inclusion and equality."

"I am fully committed to inclusion and wholly support Scope's campaign. In our pre-school we are trying to take the approach of "why can't we" instead of "we can't.""

"As a childminder I am always looking for resources showing disabled children - there are plenty showing wheelchair users but no blind, deaf etc. children."

I am interested in having books with pictures of "differently able" children and adults, just in illustrations not necessarily "about" disability."

"More books on all disabilities, dyspraxia, blindness, deafness. Also what about jigsaw puzzles?"

"I definitely believe very strongly in this!"

"About time!"

"This sounds a welcome development and should be supported by publishers." [Librarian]

"As a teacher who works with children and young people with a range of SEN, I am totally committed to genuine inclusion and I welcome any opportunity to raise awareness of what this really means."

"It would be good to have a range of disabilities in books not just the token child in a wheelchair."

"Yes, children with a disability deserve to be featured in positive pictures as a matter of course."

"As a tutor for childcare practitioners we are always looking for best practice in inclusion - this is much needed."

"Anything that would help me meet the national standards for registered childminding."

"It is important to show positive images of all children in books, just being there not necessarily as a main character."

"Yes disabled children should be much more visible. As a disabled parent I would like to see more disabled characters in general in books."



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