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Welcome to the image bank area.

All the images we are developing for this section are designed to be demonstration pieces, for inspiration and reference, copyrighted to the originator and not for use elsewhere.

The inspiration bank is building all the time. The photo reference section is at an earlier stage of development.

We encourage children to send in their pictures to the children's gallery via their web pages.

Images for Inspiration

Photo Reference

Children's Gallery

The purpose of the image bank is to inspire children?s illustrators and show what is possible.

If you are an illustrator or photographer and have images you think might be suitable please do contact us.

The image bank will not be available for organisations to use in publications. This is not the focus of the project, the images are demonstration pieces and will be copyrighted and permissioned solely for this project. To find out more about copyright law click here.

Other Image Banks

As we come across other websites where you can see further images for inspiration we will add links here:

this artist has a gallery of sports related drawings.

Photo Libraries

We do know that organisations would like support in obtaining inclusive images. We are in the initial stages of gathering information about photo libraries. Contact us if you have any helpful suggestions that may add to our understanding of how to develop this.

Children's Views

The findings of the Quentin Blake Award project have recently been published by Booktrust. The award was used to carry out unique consultation with children across the UK on the representation of disability (or absence of it) in children's books. Click here (801kb PDF) to download a copy of the report.


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