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Sometimes it is helpful to know in photographic detail about a particular accessory or piece of equipment a child is using, or how an arm looks when it is holding a ball. It is always possible to search on the web for images but it can be misleading. This section will build up over the next two years as the project develops.

Click on the links below to enlarge the image and find out more about it.

If you are a parent of a disabled child, a professional working with disabled children or a photographer and you have photographs that we can use for this part of the website please contact us.

roundabout and seesaw

[Enlarge Image]

accessible roundabout

[Enlarge Image]

wheelchair accessible swing

[Enlarge Image]

sensory area

[Enlarge Image]

small roundabout

[Enlarge Image]


[Enlarge Image]

using an aerial runway

[Enlarge Image]

chair with tray

[Enlarge Image]

girl on bike

[Enlarge Image]

wheelchair accessible roundabout

[Enlarge Image]

girl in standing frame

[Enlarge Image]

playing cricket

[Enlarge Image]


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