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Stories in accessible formats


There are many ways to make stories accessible to all children - click here to find some ideas.

At the present time this section contains two versions of a symbol supported poem. We hope to add to this as the project progresses.

The Widgit Literacy Symbols from Widgit Software are designed for literacy and learning and follow clear design rules for independent learning.

The Picture Communicate Symbols [PCS] from Mayer-Johnson are more frequently used in Alternative Augmentative Communication [AAC] systems to support communication.

Young people may use either or both of these symbol sets in the classroom and at home. Two versions are provided so that you can select the symbols most familiar to the reader.

It is most common to not use symbols for the most abstract vocabulary and in these poems the symbols for ?the? and ?a? have not been included.

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The Day We Rode to the Seaside

- Widgit Literacy Symbols Version [274kb PDF]

- Picture Communicate Symbols [1324kb PDF]

Author: © Nicole Matthews

Nicole says: ?My friends and family all love to go out cycling, sometimes on tandem bikes like in this story. Lots of children go out on the back of their parents? bikes and so I think even young ones without a visual impairment could imagine what it would be like to ride along like Sara does in the story, on a tandem behind a sighted ?front rider?. The narrator of the poem is the only one not riding a bicycle with another person on board ? so she takes along her soft toy Lou to feel she?s not missing out.?

Age range 5-8 years

The symbolised versions of the poem were made in Communicate: In Print, published by Widgit Software.

Other symbol supported reading materials are available FREE on-line from: www.symbolworld.org and

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