Putting Disabled Children In The Picture
in the picture: "a state of being fully informed or noticed." The Concise Oxford Dictionary scope - Time to get equal

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Just some of the people who have signed up to show their support for the ten guiding principles of In The Picture.

Authors, Illustrators and Graphics

Hayley Acreman, Illustrator

Rachel Anderson, Author
Catherine & Laurence Anholt, Authors/Illustrators

Martine Arrowsmith, Writer with CP

Vicky Arrowsmith, Illustrator

Rajeev Athale, Illustrator & Cartoonist

Emily Ault, Illustrator & Parent

Nikki Barker, Writer

Allison Beaumont, Illustrator & Parent

Quentin Blake, Illustrator

Elizabeth Brooks, Illustrator

Jo Brown, Author & Illustrator
Claire Casey, Aspiring Author, Archaeologist & Dyslexic

Sejal Chad, Writer

Rebecca Cherriman, Writer

Fred Chevalier, Cartoonist

Anne Colledge, Author

Gareth Creer, Free to Write

Joyce Dunbar, Author
Polly Dunbar, Author & Illustrator
Nick Essex, Illustrator

Shanta Everington, DPPI & Freelance Writer

Sue Eves, Author & Illustrator

Josephine Feeney, Author

Evelyn Foster, Writer & Actor

Vivian French, Children's Book Author

Jane Giddings, Author & Librarian

Prudence Glenister, Illustrator
Pippa Goodhart, Author

June Goulding, Illustrator

Tracy Green, Parent & Author

Rose Griffiths, Author & Teacher

Sue Hagerty, Illustrator

Meg Harper, Author

Lisa Hook, Illustrator

Lyndsey M James, Illustration Student

Julia Jarman, Author

Neil Johns, Writer

Lois Keith, Author & Educator

Sarah Kershaw, Illustration Student

Diana Kimpton, Author & Reviewer, Wordpool

Karen King, Author

Elizabeth Laird, Author

Maxine Lee, Illustrator

Anthony Lewis, Illustrator
Kate Long, Author

Shaun Mackie, Writer

Paul McDermott, Author

Grania Mclaughlin, Illustrator

Charlotte Meyer, Illustrator

Karen Middleton, Illustrator

Liz Minichiello, Illustrator

Jessica Murray, Writer

Alison Pendleton, Writer & Poet

Gary Peters, Graphic Designer

Jane Ray, Illustrator

Erika Reid, Illustrator & Animator

Jonathan Rix, Author, Parent & Lecturer

Tony Ross, Illustrator, Andersen Press/Hachette
Diane Scott-Thomas, Photographer & Grandparent
John Shelley, Illustrator

Nicola Smee, Illustrator

Jane Stemp, Author

Kathy Saunders, Children's Literature Consultant

Jess Stockham, Illustrator

Helen Thornhill, Illustrator

Tracy Tucker, Illustrator & Animator

Hannah Turner, Illustrator

Jeanne Willis, Author

Jacqueline Wilson, Author
Kathryn Wilson, Illustrator

Sarah Wimperis, Illustrator

Book Organisations and Libraries

Clive Barnes, Librarian

Deborah Benson, Director, Betty Bookmark Limited

Tracey Collins, Knowsley Right to Read Project

Wendy Cooling, Bookstart

Beth Cox, Education Liaison, Child's Play(International) Ltd

Shirley Davis, Children's Books UK Info

Bill Dee, Director, Listening Books

Joanna De Guia, Victoria Park Books

John Dixon, Liverpool Community Games, Arts & Culture

Danielle Fleming, Peters Bookselling Services

Anne Gannon, Librarian, Dublin City Public Libraries

Theresa Jones, Children's Librarian

Annie Kubler, Art Director & Illustrator, Child's Play (International) Ltd
Liz MacKenzie, Just Services Limited/Whitehall Publishing

Irene Mandelkow, Bookstart Co-ordinator

Christopher Marshall, Robinswood Press

Jackie Mason, Birmingham Libraries

Terri McCargar, Librarian

Emma McElwee, Children's Librarian, Swindon Libraries

Chris Meade, Director, Booktrust

Jacky Offord, Sure Start Community Librarian

Samantha Owen, Birmingham Libraries
Elizabeth Schlenther, Librarian, Healthy Books

Pauline Skinner, Librarian

Margaret Street, Librarian, Hertfordshire Bookstart

Alex Strick, Consultant/Project Manager, Books & Disability

Mel Stride, Mobile Toy Library Manager

Sue Walters, Education Officer, Seven Stories


Kathleen Alcock, Childminder

Debra Baker, Childminder

Sally Banwell, National Childminding Association
Amanda Batty, Childminder

Susan Barnicoat, Registered Childminder

Tracey Chapman, Childminder

Jane Christopher, Nursery Nurse

Lucy Evans, Registered Childminder

Lisa Finley, Registered Childminder

Ray & Jill Gibson, Tiny Tots Childminders
Helen Hale, Childminder & Parent

Anne Hall, Accredited Childminder

Rebecca Hayes, Childminder

Anne Hodgson, Registered Childminder

Saira Horner, Registered Childminder

Belinda Johnson, Reg'd Childminder & Network Co-ordinator

Stephanie Keenan, Registered Childminder

Pat Kinder, Registered Childminder

Sue Lunn, Childminder

Janice McGlen, Early Years Practitioner & Reg'd Childminder

Caroline McLewee, Registered Childminder

Rosanne Podmore, Registered Childminder
Julie Powell, Registered Childminder

Helen Rawstron, Registered Childminder

Carly Reigler, Childminder & Chair of ESCCA

Helen Renouf, Accredited Childminder & Freelance Writer

Wendy Roberts, Childminder
Susan Rose, Registered Childminder

Emma Ruff, Childminder & Parent

Mary Ann Tretheway, Truro Childminding Network

Denise Tupman, Registered Childcare Provider

Community Projects, Councils and Local Authorities

Steve Bowring, Information Officer

Lyn Buller, SEN Advisor & Parent

Heather Griffiths, Inclusion Manager

Susan Howlett, Area Senco

Barbara Jones, Children's Disability Team

Vanessa Malcom, Inclusion Officer

Sarah Knight, EY SEN Inclusion Teacher & occasional Illustrator
Jessica Moore, Information Worker

Victoria Porter, Network Co-ordinator

Disabled People and Organisations

Liz Bamber, Education Officer, Seven Stories

Claire Barlow, Manager, Youreable.com

Steve Broach, Campaign Manager, Council for Disabled Children

Sarah Bush, Disabled Person

Robyn Carter, Special Kids in the UK & Parent

Andrew Crooks, Disability Campaigner

Julia Elswood, CustomEyes Books, National Blind Children's Society

Jenni Fulton, Information/Support Worker for Parents, Princess Royal Trust Carers Centre

Clare Gent, Social Care Professional, NCH
Ruth Gould, Arts CEO, NWDAF

Chloe Harris, Student

Diana Pastora Carson, Ability Awareness in Action

Rachael Pearce, Special Needs Out of School Network

Richard Rieser, Director of Disability Equality in Education

Carleen Scott, Children's Project Officer, Brain & Spine Foundation

Surya Shaffi, Disability Welfare Officer
Sandra Shaw, Project Co-ordinator, NCH Cymru

Jennie Walker, Arts Projects Development Coordinator, NWDAF

Mair Williams, Disabled Children's Services, NCH Cymru

Pamela Zokaei, Trustee of Family Support Organisation

Early Years Organisations

Denise Deakin, Co-ordinator, Face2Face

Tracie Dodd, Early Years Childcare Professional

Karen Hathaway, Early Years Manager

Lizzie Jenkins, Early Years Network Manager

Mary Macan, Parent & Carers Advice Worker

Sue Mead, Early Years Inclusion Team (Greenwich)
Carol Rowe, Early Years Manager/Practitioner

Sasha Sagoe, Early Years Educator, Love For Learning

Maggie Speight, Childrens Rights Worker


Karen Argent, Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University

Mary Austin, Education Consultant & parent of a disabled child

Barbara Baker, Childcare Tutor

Jo Croft, Lecturer in English Literature

Laura Lee Denby, SEN Teaching Assistant

Judy Denziloe, AFL Training

Ann Dowker, Developmental Psychologist

Addy Farmer, Teacher & Children's Writer

Annabella Fleming, Teaching Assistant

Claire Hewitt, Teacher

Dr Leo John De Freitas, Lecturer & Exhibition Organiser

Aileen La Tourette, Lecturer in Imaginative Writing

Ruth Liew, Malaysian Child Resource Institute

Trish Lloyd, Baby Sign Teacher

Susan Malpass, Teacher

Nicole Matthews, Lecturer in Media

Catriona Moore, Adult Tutor & Parent

Di Murray, Play Trainer

Dr Pat Pinsent, Snr Research Fellow, University of Roehampton

Jan Rhea, Tutor & Course Assessor, YMCA Training

Daniela Sereno, Tutor & Disabled Person
Christine Silver, Teacher

Kate Stafford, Teacher & Parent

Pearl A Whiten, Educationalist

Alison Wood, Teaching Assistant

Lesley Wright, Teacher

Health Care Professionals

Elizabeth Ayling, Nurse

Helen MacRonald, Special Needs Lead Nurse

Hayley Steele, Student Nurse


Bisi Atinmo, Editorial Services Provider

Rebecca Atkinson, Journalist & Writer

Ross Watson, Journalist, My Child Magazine

Nurseries and Schools

Rosie Baldock, Headteacher, Barnburgh Primary School

Alison Coates, Learning Mentor, The Bluecoat School
Maxine Graville, Teacher, St Francis Community Special School

Mrs Hooper, SENCO, Coteford Infant school

Jenny McFarlane, Kintyre ANST

Marilyn Sparks, Rosemount Nursery School


Helen Fiona Bryant, Access Officer

Chris Dowsett, Social Chit Chat.com

Peter & Sue Lockey, Stockist of Finger & Hand Puppets

Natalie Fosse, Student

Barrie Mee, Professional
Chris Page, Head of Creative Affairs

John Perry, Consultant and Editor, JKP Enterprises

Francesca Payne, Student
Zara Todd

Nigel Tuckett, Designer, Scope

C. Ward, Speech Therapist

Alec Williams, Trainer and Storyteller

Parents, Families and Carers

Aimee, Sister of Mollie

Suzanne Allen, Parent & Childminder

Ayleen Benischke, Parent of disabled child & Special Needs Teacher

Sharon Birch, Parent, Nursery Owner & Writer

Andrew Bowley, Carer & Play Scheme Manager

Wendy Burt, Parent

Gail Cansell, Parent

Jane Cavanagh, Parent

Sue Cousins, Parent

Dan Crisp, Parent, Author & Illustrator

Liz Day, Parent & Student Support Worker

Julia Erskine, Parent & Development Manager in Family Led Group

Jennifer Gerritsen, Parent

Elsa Gill, Parent

Sara Green, Parent

Sue Gregory, Parent

Aileen Hamer, Parent & Library Manager

Liesa Harrison, Parent

Andrea Heverin, Parent of child with cerebral palsy & health professional
Caroline Judd, Parent

Amanda Lambert, Parent

Karen Langridge, Parent

Nadine Lautman, Parent

Liz Little, Parent

Theano Manoli, Parent & Librarian

Tracy Mcguinness-Kelly, Parent, Author, Illustrator & Photographer
Joe McHenry, Grandparent
Jan Meredith, Parent
Sarah Meredith, Parent

Kim Miller, Family Member & Teacher

Jane Myers, Parent & Course co-ordinator for parents of disabled children & disabled adults

Angela Norman, Parent
Anna Perkins, Parent

John Pollard, Parent

Tracy Powell, Parent
Vicki Rabbetts, Parent

Jane Randall, Parent

Lorena Shimmin, Parent

Dot Shuttleworth, Parent of a profoundy deaf child

Lorraine Sinclair, Parent

Sarah Stephenson, Parent of child with cerebral palsy

Claire Stockton, Parent

Joanne Stone, Parent

Dawn Stoyles, Parent
Stella Thebridge, Parent & Librarian

Sue Thompson, Parent & Educator

Dawn Unitt, Parent & Educator
Lynne Vogensen, Parent

Sheena Walker, Parent

Penny Webber, Step Parent

Lorraine Williamson, Parent

Monika Williamson, Parent & Youth Group Volunteer
Alex Wolfe, Parent

Carole Wolsteholme, Parent & Librarian

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